As has already happened with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Slovenia is one of the world's leading countries in the fast-emerging field of NFTs and metaverse.

The organisers of the Word Future Verse conference want to present digital and in-depth solutions to the international and global audience to build on the development of innovative marketing and technology approaches and new business models. We will host world-leading experts and creative visionaries who will present examples of best practice in cutting-edge technologies and shed light on future trends, issues and challenges.

At the conference venue, the programme designers promise a unique "Metaverse theatre" that will offer visitors a fusion of open space to develop personal potential, digital competences and learn about cutting-edge technologies. You will be invited into a virtual time machine and sent into the near future. Through the presentation of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, you will learn about the concepts of metaverse, NFT and blockchain and discover the best version of yourself through a choice of different avatars.

For the programme, conference content and to buy tickets, visit

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