15. June 20:30 - 10:30

7. Digital Breakfast for a Reason

15. June 2022

20:30 - 10:30

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise and DIH Slovenia


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Training and information workshop "Opportunities to develop business models for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)" with practical examples.

At the Digital Breakfast with a Reason, representatives of DIH Slovenia will present how SMEs should start their digital transformation, where DIH Slovenia can help them and what incentives are available to them.

Although we have been hearing about digitisation and digital transformation for some time, we have only seen the scale and benefits in recent years with the coronavirus pandemic and the rise of working, schooling and remote living in general. Micro, small and even medium-sized enterprises have their primary business to attend to and many additional work tasks can be a disproportionate burden, especially if their impact is not immediate and we are not sure whether the tools will be suitable for us.

Support environments are also aware of this, which is why there are a number of incentives, especially for SMEs, in the form of vouchers, calls for tenders and various programmes, which are generally free of charge for businesses.

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Mag. Katja Mohar Bastar, Director of the Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia

Karolina Kosjek, Project Assistant, Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia

Lecture content:

- How do I get started on the digitalisation journey if I don't know anything about it?

- What are the government incentives for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises?

- What is the process of receiving and using a voucher?

- What are the other options if vouchers are not open?

- What about after the company has been digitalised, are there any other possibilities for further calls for tenders?

Participation in the Digital Breakfast is FREE, register HERE.

The event will take place via the Microsoft Teams Meeting app.

Instructions for joining the event electronically and a link to follow the event will be sent to your email address the day before the event. All participants are welcome to send us your questions about the webinar when registering for the webinar. You can also send your questions to ptz@gzs.si.

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