Slovenian Digital Center

Technology for the People

during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of EU

Digitalisation, artificial intelligence, robotics, society 5.0, cyber security, HCP, innovative technologies, innovations, mobility, energy, smart cities and communities, social sustainability and economy are some of the topic areas, that will be presented in the SLOVENIAN DIGITAL CENTER – Technology for the People, during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of EU from July 1st until December 31st 2021 in the BTC City Ljubljana.

One of the priority tasks of the Republic of Slovenia during the Presidency of the Council of EU in 2021 will be “The resilience, recovery and strategic autonomy of the European Union”. That is why Slovenia has highlighted the strengthening the resilience of the European Union as one of its main priorities. Key issues within the priority tasks refer to the economic measures for green transition and digital transformation, inclusion of the principles of sustainable development into existing business models and encouraging digital transformation of small and medium size enterprises. Thus, the Directorate of Internationalisation, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology decided to implement the project SLOVENIAN DIGITAL CENTER – TECHNOLOGY FOR THE PEOPLE.


We are offering various forms of cooperation and co-creation with the Digital Center to all interested enterprises, start-up and development companies, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organisations, universities, research institutions, economic associations, experts in the field of 5.0 society, digitalisation, AI, robotics, innovations, HPC, cyber security and other innovative technologies, mobility, energetics, digital competences and other participants.

SLOVENIAN DIGITAL CENTER – Technology for the people is going to function in two dimensions – physical and virtual. Corporeal, the physical space of the Slovenian Digital Center will be located in BTC City Ljubljana, where in addition to the enterprise and institution presentations, a great number of other activities will take place (lectures, training, conferences, workshops, hackathons, business meetings, networking, hosting, etc.). The virtual dimension of the Slovenian Digital Center commits to the international connectivity. The six-month programme of the Slovenian Digital Center will be accessible online, during the International Dubai Expo 2021. The Slovenian Digital Center -Technology for the people will be presented in the Slovenian exhibition pavilion of the Dubai Expo as well. Connecting, cooperating and looking to the future are the building blocks of the Digital Center. We believe that our Digital Center will be the only place able to join together both Slovenian and international development-oriented public and thus open a new window of opportunities into the world for Slovenian know-how and development.

Cooperation options for enterprises and organisations:


The business section of the SLOVENIAN DIGITAL CENTER will connect businesses by organising business meetings and events. It is dedicated for the professional, business and economic public and it will include presentations, networking events, round tables, workshops, B2B meetings, connecting companies and start-ups and other business-oriented events. The showroom will be enriched by the virtual platform of the Slovenian Digital Center, which will grant easier access to international networking. The proceedings are intended for companies and organisations working in both locally and internationally. On the local level, we wish to facilitate the connection of technological and sustainable development. On the international scene, the events will look into the possibilities of developing relationships between local and foreign enterprises as well as building ties with countries’ representatives.

Alongside the business section, Digital Center events will also provide content which will consist of:


Within the Digital Center there will be space for developing innovative ideas and solutions for 5.0 society, robotics, energetics, mobility, environmental technology, digitalisation, creative industry and advanced technologies and the usage of the latter.


Lectures, trainings and professional meetings in the area of developing digital and advanced technologies as well as presentations of technological enterprises are just some of the activities that will be divided into 6 content sections: Artificial Intelligence, 4.0 Industry, 5G and cyber security, sustainability of society and economy, smart cities and communities and digital transformation. The programme which will include distinguished guests from the respective areas will give an insight into the world of new advanced technologies and show how we can use them to build a smart future where technology enriches people’s lives.


We will organise a number of training sessions and workshops for the general public – for enterprises, institutions, non-governmental organisations, employees, unemployed job seekers, young people and children. The content will be designed for them to acquire knowledge about new-technologies and to strengthen their digital competence.


The content of the SLOVENIAN DIGITAL CENTER – Technology for the people is divided into six monthly themes. Besides various events within the monthly theme, there will be a weekly presentation of different enterprises working on advanced green and digital solutions. The best solutions will be awarded a visit to Dubai Expo 2021. Educational institutions will have the chance to present their formal education study programmes for different fields, as well as programmes to improve competences, achieve new digital qualifications within existing vocations and upgrade skills within the framework of life-long learning for the active population.

July: Smart cities and communities:

Municipal digitalisation, sustainable mobility, smart buildings, energy supply, water supply, solutions for population participation, voting platforms, platforms for connecting enterprises, participation platforms, environmental planning of products and production, digital solutions for waste reduction, local population supplies, quality of urban life, energy and other supplies.

August: Sustainable society and economy, themes: e-health, circular economy, food production, agriculture, local self-sufficiency, tourism, e-inclusion and life-long learning.

September: Artificial intelligence, themes: scientific excellence in regards to artificial intelligence, AI regulative, building operational guidelines for further development and usage of AI in businesses.

October: 5G and cyber security, themes: cyber security as one of the EU digital priorities, the use of 5G technology and public trust in 5G technology.

November: Digital transformation, themes: digital competences, profiles, vocations, promotion of digital technologies, promotion of supporting services, digital influence on production, presenting good practices and encouraging digitalisation at SME and user experience – why and how.

December: 4.0 industry and robotics, themes: the main achievements of Slovenian robotics, examples of good practice in Slovenian industry, 4.0 and smart specialisation.

You are kindly welcome to participate in creating a success story.

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