Based in a start-up incubator in a beautiful, high-tech hub in mountainous Grenoble France, DomNexX offers end-to-end IoT solutions to simplify the remote monitoring of building environmental parameters. These innovative connected platforms address the smart buildings market, for both old and new constructions. These easy-to-install solutions measure a large number of parameters and detect various anomalies and incidents to ensure the optimal functioning of sites, the integrity of industrial processes, or even the health and comfort occupants by analyzing the quality of indoor air. DomNexX brings a real added value in terms of indoor air quality management. In this booming market, our product has all the ingredients to become the benchmark and thus gain a large share of the market. We obtained very encouraging results in field tests and have started the industrialization phase of the first product with identified early adopters. The commercial phase is underway, and we are beginning the development of the next generation with Artificial Intelligence in our product.


The R&D position will start in the summer of 2020 and continue for a period between 12 and 24 months. In DOMNEXX’s new product range, additional sensors will be added to measure other air pollutants. Furthermore, application software will be added to generate predictive data-sets based on real-time, observed data. The objective is to alert occupants as soon as possible of in the event of abnormal or excessive drift and to optimally control ventilation and purification systems. DomNexX is looking for an experienced researcher to help us define, develop and implement this “artificial intelligence” brick. The research objectives will be to:
  • Define, with the DomNexX team, the needs for the implementation of this predictive and control IA brick;
  • Research the state of the art around this problem and existing solutions;
  • Look for algorithms / methodologies that can be applied to this issue;
  • Develop and test different approaches to define the best possible choice;
  • Integrate the chosen solution into the current software solution.


The experienced researcher we seek would have either a doctoral degree or at least 4 years’ full-time equivalent research experience. We seek a candidate with an advanced degree in the field of computing, who aims to develop Artificial Intelligence in the field of IoT. He or she should possess technical skills in IA, Big data, Cloud, and IoT. Desired soft skills include:
  • Strong work ethic, autonomy and organization;
  • Good listening skills and relational ease;
  • Team spirit within a service-oriented culture;
  • Perseverance;
  • Love of the startup environment, desire to be involved in continuous innovation;
  • English language skills
  • French language skills would be a plus.
DOMNEXX is committed to ensuring the neutrality of the evaluation process, and all candidates meeting the above requirements are encouraged to apply, regardless of gender, race or origin.


DOMNEXX plans to fund this R&D project through the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship. Therefore, the candidate must meet Marie Curie mobility conditions.
  • The researcher must not have lived in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years before the project start date (Summer 2020).
  • In addition, candidates must not have resided in France for more than 3 years in the five years immediately before the project start date (Summer 2020).
  • Compulsory national service, short stays such as holidays and time spent as part of a procedure for obtaining refugee status under the Geneva Convention are not taken into account.
The successful candidate would receive a living allowance on the order of 5 400€/month (before taxes and social security) plus a mobility allowance of 690€/month (before taxes and social security). If the researcher has a family, he or she would also receive the family allowance of 570€/month (before taxes and social security). In order to obtain this funding, the candidate and hosting company must complete a 10-page proposal together which must be submitted no later than September 11, 2019. The average success rate for this Fellowship is 30%.


If you would like to participate in this challenging, new adventure within our friendly team and contribute to this pragmatic and high-impact project, please send your CV to and before July 25th.
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