During the six months of Slovenia's Presidency of the Council of the EU (from July to the end of December 2021), the Slovenian Digital Center brought together Slovenia's most advanced companies, institutions and individuals in one place. It has become a hub for new collaborations, bringing new technologies closer to companies, individuals, the domestic and foreign public, and offering a representative space for Slovenian progress and economic development. On the occasion of its first anniversary, DIH Slovenia gathered good practices from the six months of operation of the Slovenian Digital Center.

Enter the interactive platform of good practices

The partners of the Slovenian Digital Center, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, SPIRIT Slovenia, a public agency, the Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia and BTC, addressed more than 300,000 individuals through a wide range of events, attracted more than 60,000 people to the Centre and its virtual channels, and highlighted Slovenian knowledge and development to both the national and international public through more than 140 events and 70 programme partners.

We invite you to learn about best practices, explore the media centre and relive in words, pictures and video the colourful pulse of the biggest economic event during Slovenia's Presidency of the EU Council.

Enter the interactive platform of good practices

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