DIH Slovenia invites you to meet and listen to Joseph Dumoulin, an U.S. expert on AI and security issues.

The event will be held in English. There is no entry fee, but one must register to the event:



The topic addressed will include Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is a notoriously difficult area of research. The primary challenges in the past were definitional. What does it mean to communicate? How do we know when we "understand" a sentence or an utterance? Modern NLP has side-stepped many of these philosophical issues by proposing a purely data-driven approach enabled by access to rich data sets and various Deep Neural Network architectures. This has led to a rapid advance in the quality of certain tasks in NLP. In this talk we will discuss a few important papers that have established the current state of the art for NLP. In the process, we will look at the architectures which enable the most advanced Machine Translation, Semantic Parsing, and Entity Recognition methods available. We will also explore the research environments that have made these advances possible.


Joseph Dumoulin is the chief technology innovation officer at Verint, a security and intelligence data mining software provider, and an adjunct lecturer on artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning at Eastern Washington and Gonzaga universities. Previously, Dumoulin was a senior developer at Next IT Corporation, an artificial intelligence company. Dumoulin traveled for IIP to Kyrgyzstan in January 2019.

If you are an entrepreneur, researcher, student or simply want to understand some of the cutting-edge concepts in AI, please register now and bring the your zest for a lively discussion! The event is organized by Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia in cooperation with U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana and ICT Department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

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Vabljeni na pogovor z AI strokovnjakom Josephom Dumoulinom!

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