CyberGEN – Academy for raising the next generations of women in Cyber Security is a new and one of its kind educational initiative to promote field of Cybersecurity as the fastest growing IT field in need for experts as well as to empower girls in Slovenia to raise their interest in STEM field. By recent data, between age 7 – 10, 50 % of girls show interest in Mathematics, when later on between age 11 – 14, this percentage drops to 30 % or less. CyberGEN addresses various perspectives on this challenge through Academy that will bring attention to the field of Cybersecurity. It encourages girls to take part in trainings to learn, what is Cybersecurity, what can you do as a specialist in this filed and also meet Role-Models from Slovenia and region, as well as offer mentorship program for girls that have an interest to pursue this topic. The team of Digital Innovation Hub is focusing on reducing gender gap in science since early years for girls in order to produce more interest in Cybersecurity. We provide unique opportunity and learning experience for beneficiaries, as well as wider awareness raising for educators and parents.

CyberGEN is a nationwide educational campaign that will bring together girls from 8 cities or towns around Slovenia on the topics of Cybersecurity. The project starts in October and ends in June of the following year, with monthly activities, meetings and trainings for girls in various locations. They will meet and talk to female Role-Models, explore the topic, learn about the challenges women potentially face in this field and most importantly, accessing information for professional development, which will enable them with equal opportunities towards their peers. This project will include girls aged between 10 and 14 within one year from all 12 Slovenian regions.

We are happy that this project will be supported by US Embassy in Slovenia within their NGO Small Grants program.

If you want to participate in the project, please contact us at

More information on the project will come soon!

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