Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia

National One-stop-shop for Digital Transformation of Slovenia

Supporting digitalisation



Opportunity for digital transformation:
processes, team, technology.


we help businesses to become more competitive by improving their processes through digital technology.

Educational sector

For smart and
digital teaching and learning.

Educational sector

By understanding the trends and industry requirements we will influence the education.

Local Communities

Integration of smart communities for faster development.

Local communites

we actively collaborate with school centers, local communites, municipalites, and inter-sector centers.

Public administration

Enhancement of inftrastructure and services.

Public administration

we advise and help with planning for user-centered public services.


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Education and Events

Participate in digital transformation events.

We provide

Digital transformation.

Building the multi-sector and multi-discipline partnership: universities, research and business institutes, companies, ICT providers and business support organizations, consititute an ecosystem to sustainably support this vision on a short and long term.


DIH Slovenia provides links with investors, facilitates access to finance for digital transformation, connects users and providers of digital innovation, and provides synergies between digital and other key technologies.


Development of Digital Competences and Personnel of the Future.

Innovations and prototypes

Designing new business models, experimental and pilot environments.

Supporting Digital Transformation

Joint development of services to support the management of digital transformation in enterprises.


Transfer of good practices and cooperation with other Digital Innovation Hubs in the EU.


Strategic partners