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DIGITAL EUROPE – Dialogues on the Digital Europe Programme: SO5 Session, Digital Innovation Hubs

19. septembra 2019 - 20. septembra 2019


A Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a single organisation or a coordinated group of organisations with complementary expertise and a not for profit objective to support companies – especially SMEs and mid-caps – and/or the public sector in their digital transformation. This support
includes access to services such as technology-testing, financing advice, and market intelligence. They could work in collaboration with partners whose expertise lies in business development/public sector innovation or training as well as with partners that can help in networking and engagement in the regional innovation ecosystem. The Digital Europe programme will co-invest, together with Member States, in capacity building for a selected number of ‘European DIHs’ to help the digital transformation of SMEs and public sector organisations on a large scale.
Existing hubs, being funded to run experiments under H2020, or coming with a different background such as, for example, being a local technology transfer institution, could qualify to become European DIHs, provided they pass all steps of the selection procedures, both at Member State and European level.

The initial objective is to have at least one European DIH per Member State at the start of the network with the aim to reach one hub per NUTS2 region in the subsequent years. Each DIH will have a focus / expertise, which can be built up over time and which should ensure the future
strengths of the region’s industry and public sector, e.g. precision agriculture, smart manufacturing, smart government, by combining AI, HPC or Cybersecurity, smart specialisation and promising application areas. Each European DIH should have experimentation facilities related to its specialisation which can be used by companies and the public sector to test these technologies including their environmental impact where relevant before further investing in it.

Investments in each of the pillars of Digital Europe will lead to new products and services available for SMEs and the public sector. For instance, the pillar on HPC will deploy HPC based simulation services, AI will deploy the AI-on-demand platform and large data sets, and Cybersecurity will promote “security by design” principles and security audits. In addition, Digital Europe will develop, amongst others, short-term training and exchange programmes to enhance advanced digital skills in the economy. DIHs will be the means to diffuse all these capacities across the European economy and society widely. To ensure a proper knowledge flow among the different projects in Digital Europe, ‘trainthe-trainer’ events will be organised whereby specialist centres from the different pillars will brief DIHs on the latest developments, while the latter provide user-feedback from customers.



  • Ms Mayte Carracedo, DIHNET

13:15 Chair:
In order to set the scene for the session, the Commission will present its plans for implementing the Digital Europe Programme for Digital Innovation Hubs’ capacity building. The introduction will explain the selection process, focus, networking and collaboration, funding as well as cofinancing aspects for European Digital Innovation Hubs. The session will go deeper into discussing the characteristics and roles of the selected hubs.  Ms Anne-Marie Sassen, Deputy Head of Unit, DG CNECT A2

13:30 Speakers:

  • Mr Gintaras Vilda, Vice Minister, Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, Lithuania
  • Mr Lasse Laitinen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland
  • Ms Emilija Stojmenova Duh, DIH Slovenia
  • Mr Grégorio Ameyugo, DIGIHALL, France

13:50 Aspects to discuss (including as well the audience):

  • Two-step selection process (designation by member States and restricted call).
  • Characteristics, roles and focus of European Digital Innovation Hubs.
  • Networking and collaboration between European Digital Innovation Hubs.
  • Funds and co-financing aspects.

14:30 End of session


19. septembra 2019
20. septembra 2019
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