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Diverse ecosystem

Key initial partners of the DIH are coming from the S4 specialization platform Smart Factories Cluster, ICT innovation network, Smart cities and communities), National institute of business Analysts (IIBA), industry (members of above mentioned Smart Factories Cluster, TECOS), national FabLab network (with more than 7015 members, including municipalities, schools and school centers, incubators, technology parks, development agencies, etc.), universities (University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor) as the largest research organization in Slovenia, SME’s supportive environment (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Technology park Ljubljana (connecting SME and several research institutes for innovation), Wood Industry and other Clusters, etc.



Chamber of Commerce and Industry
University of Ljubljana
University of Maribor
FabLab Network Slovenia
Technology Park Ljubljana
Smart Factories Cluster
International Institute of Business Analysis
TECOS - Tools development center of Slovenia
Wood Industry Cluster