What is Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia?

DIH Slovenia is Industry Digital Transformation one-stop-shop in Slovenia and beyond. It creates awareness and provide services to grow digital competencies, share digital experience and case studies locally, regionally and internationally, influence the government to adapt regulation and open its data to foster entrepreneurship.


Vision of DIH Slovenia

The DIH is a central national one-stop-shop to provide, connect and support knowledge, business and technology expertise, technologies, experimental and pilot environments, best practices, methodologies and other activities necessary to fully enable Slovene Industry in building digital competencies, innovation models and processes, support their digital transformation and raise their competitive advantages based on digital. The multi-sector and multi-discipline partnership (universities, research and business institutes, companies, ICT providers and business support organizations) establishes an ecosystem to sustainably support its vision on a short and long term.

Prototyping, process improvement, product development and testing facilities

DIH has experimentation (LivingLabs) and processes, digital business models improvement / experimentation environments available (e.g. Faculty of Organisational Sciences), pilot environments (e.g. Faculty of Electrical Engineereing) for prototyping and testing of digital products available, other necessary environments are in development.

The environment of Chamber of Commerce and Industry has good collabobation environment in place and in use, however we are planning to add modern communication (remote conferencing and video environment) soon. However, DIH will also be a “show room” for digital solutions and it will also use such state-of-the-art regionally produced collaboration and communication technology.

Strenghten Industry Capacity

Through building the network and establishing a sustainable ecosystem at national level, DIH aims at connecting and supporting different industrial sectors, providing for a broad spectrum of needs and striving to support all industries that can seize and benefit from the opportunities of digital transformation. The DIH focuses on supporting the industries that are highlighted as priority ones by Slovene Smart Specialization Strategy (S4), such as: smart cities and communities, smart buildings and smart factories. However, it does not exclude other industries from S4, ranging from high-tech to more traditional ones.


The mobilization of existing funding programs, such as Horizon and Interreg through EU projects is planned especially in initial stages, as well as the use of other funding sources, such as structural funds. Potential funding and business models include membership fees, paid services, such as training, contract research and innovation, testing, prototyping, paid publications and conferences. Through innovative approaches DIH’s ambition could also be to establish a mechanism to connect new business proposals with corporate and private venture capital and to offer technological expertise to the banking sector when deciding about investments in digital opportunities.